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Ruth, Rax, and I welcome Sebastian Reynard, 9:14 AM, Sunday, October 16th.

Forty-one weeks six days, so, unsurprisingly, a large child. Nearly ten pounds, thirty-seven centimeters head circumference (no, I don't know why we were given measurements in pounds and centimeters). Unassisted and unmedicated non-C-section delivery, which was not fun for anybody, but there were no complications and Ruth is recovering just fine.

Sebastian has some medical stuff ongoing, which is why we haven't gotten to social media much yet before this. We're not terribly worried, but it is taking energy and time and there is some worry.

He has, at the moment, blondish hair the color of his mother's, bluish-hazelish eyes the color of his mother's, and his mother's nose, though of course no idea if any of that will change. When he was put on Ruth's chest initially, and they leaned down and said 'Hiiiiiii!', he vocalized (totally accidentally, but adorably) 'Hiiiiii' right back. He is an interactive baby who wants people around and likes cuddling.

All three of his parents are delighted. I have decided on my Halloween costume this year: I can just wander across a room and call myself "The Walking Dad".
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Mazel tov!
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Mazel tov! I look forward to enchanting stories about your scale-model human.
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Welcome, Sebastian, and congratulations to all of you!
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Welcome, Sebastian!
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Oh, congratulations!

I've been told that you can't tell adult eye color for sure until about a year, which is fascinating. (Lots of things about babies are fascinating, as it turns out.)
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Welcome to the world, Sebastian! And welcome to the three of you, to this next stage of being in the world as parents.

I hope everyone involved gets lots and lots of sleep and recovers swiftly from the many labors of transition.
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Good luck and good health to all of you!
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Yay! Welcome to the world, Sebastian!
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Congratulations to all of you! May adventures in raising a small human bring you all nothing but joy!
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wonderful news! :)
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Congratulations! You made a human!
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Gods, I hope I'm not too late to add to the congratulations.

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Oh, thank goodness. I'm delighted to hear it! Congratulations to all of you, and that includes young Sebastian, the scamp. Goodness! I was nine pounds, seven ounces, and I was called a big baby!

Also, excellent pun. Also, grand baby name.

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Congratulations to all! That is wonderful news!

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Congratulations! I've been reloading LJ hoping for news! All the best to all of you!
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Welcome to the world, Sebastian!

(And congrats to all your family, too.)

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The universe has two trillion galaxies and one immeasurably precious Sebastian!

Welcome welcome welcome!

Infinite love,

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All three of his parents are delighted. I have decided on my Halloween costume this year: I can just wander across a room and call myself "The Walking Dad".

I like that very much.

Welcome, Sebastian. You've got a good name.

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Welcome, Sebastian!

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my congratulations to you all. *hugs*
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Welcome, not-so-tiny person! You are even bigger than our Caroline was (so long ago)!

"The Walking Dad" = hee!
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Yay, baby! Incidentally, 37 cm is only 75th percentile for boys at birth, so actually less unusual than his length and weight.

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I see I've missed quite a lot! Congratulations to all of you, and I hope he's home soon.

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Congratulations and greetings!

As a costume, a sling-type baby carrier might be made to camouflage against the wearer's clothes, except for a section that's colored and eyestalked as a two-foot banana slug crawling up the torso.

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I saw an adorably sick one some years ago: the parents were dressed as cooks and the baby was dressed as a lobster.

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Another friend of mine (in Colorado) had a baby this summer and also called him Sebastian. I wonder if it is this year's cool baby name or if it's Jo-friend bias -- the kind of people I know are the kind of people to choose that great name. Fascinating.

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well, at least according to baby name wizard's top 1000 names, it was the 35th most popular name for boys last year in the US:

good boys' names that are not also ridiculously popular are really hard to come up with :(

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Congratulations, all!

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Congratulations to you all.

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Congratulations, and welcome to the world, Sebastian!