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to notice that Edmund's arc in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is an in some ways perfectly straightforward retelling of Kay's arc in 'The Snow Queen'. In other ways not so straightforward, and Gerda doesn't come into it at all, because Aslan, but the beginning and middle of the fairytale are spot-on.

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I get the bewitched by a beautiful snow woman aspect, and he is delivered from the enchantment, but I feel the differences outweigh the similarities. Edmund starts out cranky and full of resentments, whereas Kay starts out loving and good-natured, and only changes when he gets the mirror splinters in his eye and heart. Kay is off stage for a huge chunk of The Snow Queen, whereas Edmund is active all the time, first doing various betrayals and then fighting on his siblings' and Aslan's side. Also, the part about Gerda seems really big ... she's indefatigable, but she's also super vulnerable and weak, so that the only way she succeeds is through the aid of all sorts of outsiders--but those outsiders do aid her, because of her good heart, which is part of Andersen's whole point, I suspect. Whereas we know what point Lewis was making with Edmund's rescue...


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