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I've had an appalling sore throat for about a week-- living entirely on ice cream, which is not fun despite how it sounds-- and the doctor yesterday diagnosed me with strep.

Quite annoyed about this, as I was pretty sure I was immune to strep. People all around me in my childhood would keep breaking out with it, and I never had so much as a sniffle. At one point literally half of my (tiny) elementary school class had strep, and I was not among them. Either something has changed, or it was lying in wait until it could be really nasty.

Luckily, the baby can't get it. The doctor said children of under a year old can't, which is entirely for the best.

Unluckily, this is a weekend in which multiple people I don't see often are going to be in town, and, with the exception of B, who is going to stay in our house, it looks as though I shall continue not seeing them. Sigh.

The doctor visit was kind of hilarious, actually, because it was a sick visit for me and a well visit for the baby, and he did both at the same time, which went something like this:

DR.: ... and you have such great muscle tone, yes you do, let me just turn you over onto your front, so strep is highly contagious and you should avoid large crowds, look at that neck control, wow, sit down before you fall down because you have over a degree of fever which is pretty serious in an adult, oh, hey, you are so close to being able to turn over from front to back, that's so great, no, seriously, go to bed and make whatever arrangements are necessary to stay there...

I could mostly tell which one of us he was talking to, but he never stopped using cooing-at-the-baby voice the entire time, and I'm not sure which one of us he exhorted to take care of the other at the end, or whether he genuinely meant to address it to both.

Anyway, I am feeling terrible. If you've come across anything interesting or funny or cute or at least not related to the flaming political trash-fire lately, now would be a wonderful time for a link.

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Date: 2017-02-17 04:02 pm (UTC)
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Sebastian will take care of you.

Your copy of More Christmas Crackers has just arrived. If you like, I can bring it over (with new and different ice creams) on Sunday, after the con. If I didn't get that strep on Saturday—and knock wood! it appears that I didn't—I don't think I'll get it now.

Meanwhile, have a couple of productions of Shakespeare.

This, from Still More:

Nor should we forget that inspired verse from 'The Night I appeared as Macbeth', an old music-hall song by W. F. Hargraves:

I acted so tragic, the house rose like magic,
The audience yelled, 'You're sublime!'
They made me a present of Mornington Crescent—
They threw it a brick at a time.

And this from The Big Bang:

Noel Coward's comment on a production of Antony and Cleopatra, starring Dame Edith Evans at an age when she should have known better:

The greatest moment in the entire production was when the Asp advanced downstage and sobbed 'I can't go through with it. . . .'

Much love,

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