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Oh, hey, it's not just my wrists that are the problem, it's every joint in my body and a cough and exhaustion, fun times. I think we're going to say that I'll keep reading and then catch up on writing reviews when I stop coughing. My base state of health was already somewhere in the sub-basement. Didn't need this.

On a different note: in a fit of probable insanity, I have gotten a reading slot at Readercon, in which I will read some of the daily reviews aloud. I was thinking the one on T.H. White's The Goshawk and the one in which I read Master and Commander and Sarashina Nikki in terms of each other, but what do you all think would go well in performance? Not entirely sure what mood I'm aiming at, generally; I have about half an hour, though I want to leave time for questions and comments; I'd like to have some things with some relevance to science fiction and fantasy because that is what the con is about. Thoughts? Also, if you're at Readercon, please come listen!
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This is because of Niki Segnit's The Flavor Thesaurus, which told me that parsnip cake used to be as common as carrot, and also suggested (separately) that parsnips go well with anise and with lemon.

The recipe is a mishmash of various carrot cake recipes I found online but primarily taken from a Cook's Illustrated carrot cake for which I seem to have lost the URL. I think I cut it in either a half or a quarter, so as not to be a layer cake, and I wanted molasses for the dark flavor notes so I readjusted for that. So mostly I suspect it is mine.

For the cake. )

For the icing. )

How it turned out: I am really proud of myself. This is one of the most delicious things I have cooked. The way I can best describe it is that it has the homey, comforting familiarity of carrot cake or zucchini bread or pumpkin bread, except for how it tastes totally different. I don't know if a person could tell it is parsnips without being told, but they add this mellow sweet-but-not undertone. The spices play really well with each other-- I miiiight reduce the anise slightly next time, but I love anise, so I might not; it's definitely a strong impression but it blends. The icing is a light cold sharpness against it, a delicate contrast; it's a lighter cake than it seems and a heavier icing, and it works.

Serve with milk or white tea.

ETA: oh my god you know what is best on the third day? THIS CAKE. Also I am totally cutting the anise next time because it does a buildup as the leftovers sit and I wouldn't say it gets overwhelming but did I mention I really, really like anise? So yeah, less.

ETAA: updates and amendations to recipe.


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