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A set of mnemonic pictograms made from Japanese hiragana and katakana. The same author has written one on kanji, which would be more useful to me personally as I already know the alphabets, but this one was around and I wanted to see how well he'd done with the concept.

Pretty well. Most of the signs do not have to have very much done to them to make a picture, although sometimes the relevance of the picture to the sound of its sign is tenuous. The easy and clear ones are things like the katakana 'ma' as a breast, with the phrase 'mama's breast'-- honestly this takes almost no change of line in the original sign. But you also get things like the 'ru' of katakana as 'legs and tail of a kangaroo', and while 'ru' does look a lot like the legs and tail of something, it is not in fact necessary for it to be a kangaroo. I personally would have trouble associating the phrase with the sign, and might also have trouble remembering which syllable of the phrase the sign happens to be, because it's not the first one.

However, most of these are I think very good. It's hard for me to tell because I don't rely on visual memory and learned both hiragana and katakana by copying them out repeatedly and learning the hand motions. But for a visual learner I think this could be a useful reference, and it's pocket-sized.


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