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2017-04-11 09:51 pm


This is my last post here. The new TOS is unacceptable, and I will not abide by laws which consider my existence criminal. I will be deleting and purging this journal three days from today, so on Friday, April 14th.

I can be found at this username on Dreamwidth, as has been true for several years. If I don't have you friended on DW, and I do here, it's my own mistake-- I posted a couple of months ago, asking for people's usernames over there, and then because we have a new baby I failed to do anything about that information. If I don't have you friended on DW, please do leave a comment on the entry similar to this I'm putting up at that journal, and I will friend you ASAP.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.
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2017-04-11 09:54 pm

new home

Well. This is the first entry I haven't crossposted. It feels very odd.

If I haven't got you friended over here, it's entirely my own fault, and it's because baby. Please ping me in the comments to this entry-- I'll try to do as much crossmatching from Livejournal as I can before I delete over there, but I don't want to miss anybody if I can possibly help it.

I was using DW as a de facto backup for LJ. Now that that isn't a thing, does anyone have recommendations for software to back up DW? Critical things: must include comments, must be relatively easy to use, must produce backup in a format that is searchable (even if that search turns out to be grepping text for keywords).

I have seen the death of LJ on the horizon for some while, but I didn't know it was going to be so quick and so sudden. It does hurt. I've been there since before graduating college, and it saw me through graduation, marriage, the start of career-building, major moves, several extremely important life decisions, and the birth of a child. I met two separate partners on there, really cemented the relationship with another in ways that helped lead us to being together now, and have made friends and adopted family that I devoutly hope I never lose. I know online communities do fade eventually, but due to timing this is the first one that has collapsed from under me.

Well. I'm so glad so many of you are here, now, and I am so glad that even people who aren't moving here are deleting over there, because it may become harder to communicate but at least I feel that my queer back is being watched.

Omnia mutantur, nihil terret. Or so I have always hoped.