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LJ situation

I've been crossposting to Livejournal from Dreamwidth for years now, and my username is the same on DW and LJ. I expect this situation to continue, but I reserve the right to stop LJ posting at any time, erase things, etc. If you're on Dreamwidth and I don't know your username, please do let me know, as that is the platform I will be devoting most energy to, keeping up with reading list on, etc.

You can comment here or at the Dreamwidth crosspost. There are comment count unavailable comments over there.

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Hi. I've been reading your LJ for a while, and I just added your DW to my DW feed. You don't know me, but I figured I'd let you know I was a human. found you via sovay some time last year.

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I have a Dreamwidth account (same name as here) which I use only to comment on people whose crossposting doesn't allow me to comment here. Barring catastrophe, that's not going to change.

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I'm on DW too as pearlnecklace. I'm adding you over there if that is ok? I'm Sam btw.
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I think filters aren't synced between there and here. In the past there have been posts on LJ that I couldn't see on DW and vice-versa. I'm "phi" on DW.

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Understood, although I would be sad if you did, as I am NOT on DW, and I enjoy knowing what's going on with you, even if I never post any more (not that I ever did.. much.)

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I'm carbonel on DW as well as here.

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zxhrue there too. off to add you.